Brandon D Hyde
Director of Photography

Blackbird Rising

Brandon D Hyde, Director of Photography, is based in the Tampa Bay area. Most recently, he had the opportunity to work with Kevin Smith on his upcoming film. I had the pleasure of designing his logo in 2013.

Design Process

Brandon is a man of vision. When I first spoke to him about designing his logo, he told me about a concept featuring a black bird and that the imagery of a bird rising up had always stuck with him throughout the years. Because of Brandon's vision, I had a good platform to stand on when starting the design.

Given Brandon's work with cameras, I wanted to try mixing a focus lens icon with the rising bird concept.


As the film focus design started to appear more bird-like, these first round of concepts were definitely in the right direction for Brandon. He suggested the bird to then take a more elongated shape. We also didn't want it to feel similar to the Rebel Alliance icon. The head of the bird looked a little like the US Postal Service as well.


I found the right height adjustment and then began to work on the bird's head. I also started on the typography and added some color to start invoking emotion.


Brandon wanted colors and typography that were elegant and portrayed himself as a professional. I redesigned the head to best resemble the original vision.