Interactive Learning Objects

During my time in the education industry, my main focus was interactivity in small, focused, learning activities. Here is a selection of some of my favorite ILOs and a little about what went into creating them.


My Role

I was the lead interaction designer on all of the designs shown here from 2012 through 2016. I worked very closely with instructional designers and the faculty to determine the best ways to design and produce the most effective interactive learning content.

The Goal

Intuitive, Enlightening, and Memorable

With every ILO that I had the pleasure of designing, the goal was to create a bite-sized learning experience that was intuitive, enlightening, and memorable. This included basic learning interactions such as multiple choice activities.

The Discovery

At the beginning of every new course being built, the instructional designer(s) and I would collaborate on finding the best content that would be beneficial to the student as an interactive activity.

The Approach

As more and more users were looking to take online courses from their mobile devices, I learned to design for those platforms including how to handle the treatment of typography and size of interactive elements. I used an engaging bold color palette and high contrast to help the user quickly identify interactive elements.

The Results

After a change in art direction, a focus on user-friendly layouts, and a mobile-first approach, faculty began to demand more interactive elements to be included in their offerings. This eventually lead to the development of fully interactive micro-sites.